Choosing the Perfect Pen

choosing the perfect pen

Choosing the Perfect Pen can be made much easier by answering a few simple questions …

What are the brand values you want to reflect and who is your target market?

The right pen for a mass giveaway at a trade show is very different to a pen for a corporate gift.

The first choice is material – eco friendly, plastic, entry price metal or brass.

Black or Blue ink? Most businesses use Black (a hangover from the days of faxing) and the range of pens with Blue ink is smaller.

Do you want a pen with a stylus which makes your pen more useful for just a few cents more?

Minimum order quantities usually start from 250 units for plastic, 100 for aluminium and wood and 50 for brass pens.

Eco Pens

Eco Pens
  • prices to suit every budget from inexpensive recycled cardboard to Bamboo and Rimu.
  • check out the new range of  Bamboo Pens in best selling styles such as Panama and Vistro.
  • the Maple Wood Pen is a mid-price option in a classic style.
  • the Rimu Pen is an elegant style which makes an ideal corporate gift.
  • minimum order quantities for Eco Pens range from 25 units for Rimu to 100 units for Bamboo and 250 for Cardboard.

Plastic Pens

  • we supply a range of around 50 plastic pens in a huge assortment of styles and colours.
  • separated into Pens with Black and Blue ink.
  • plastic pens are ideal if you have a multicolour logo as we can print in full digital colour on several styles. Cost is only a few cents more than a one colour print.
  • several styles have a highlighter or stylus.
  • Vistro is the most popular pen in the range – a huge range of colours with and without stylus and highlighter
  • prices (inclusive of a one colour print) start from under $1 each + gst for minimum order quantity of 250.

Novelty Pens

Metal Pens

  • Metal Pens are made from Aluminium or Brass and cost a bit more than Plastic
  • we recommend engraving as it stays looking as good as new for the life of the pen and often costs no more than a one colour print
  • the range is separated into Pens with Black and Blue ink (and a number available with either)
  • in some instances, we can change the Black refill out to Blue at additional cost
  • prices (including engraving or a one colour print) start from around $2 for minimum order quantity of 100 and reduce as volumes increase.

Premium Pens

  • Premium pens are the ideal gift to recognise and reward clients, business associates and team members
  • build your brand image, recognition and loyalty with a stylish premium pen.
  • optional presentation boxes available for both singles and sets.

Please get in touch if you need some help with choosing the perfect pen. We’re happy to offer advice on which style, colour and branding method will work best to showcase your corporate colours, logo and message.