Power Banks – Keeping you in Charge



Many of us are no longer tied to a desk and spend much of our time out of the office.  We tend to use our phones for everything from communications to GPS and taking photos and have all experienced situations when the battery has died at the right wrong time.

Power Banks are portable battery chargers which recharge everything from phones and tablets to bluetooth speakers and headphones on the go when you don’t have access to a power point.

We have several different models and sizes available ranging from 2200 mAh which will charge a phone once up to a grunty 8800mAh which will charge a tablet.

Simply charge the Power Bank and carry with you when you’re out and about and you’ll never run out of juice again.

The Power Bank is easily the most popular client gift in our assortment and I have yet to meet anyone who is not delighted to receive one!

If you’d like any advice on size and branding options, please get in touch