Price Guide – how it works



An explanation about why we don’t have pricing for everything on our website – we think it’s misleading to have ‘from’ pricing for 10,000 units when this is not the quantity most clients want!

We need to know what sort of branding you want – one colour, multicolour or digital print, engraving or embroidery before we can confirm price for branding.

There are 3 things to consider:

Cost of items to be branded – prices generally reduce as volumes increase

Branding cost – a fixed cost per item. We can generally confirm cost for printing on standard items but occasionally need to get quote on tricky jobs. We need to get a stitch count done to calculate embroidery cost.

Set up cost – charged by the printer in order to set up the machine to run your job – this is a fixed price regardless of how many items you have branded. If you are printing 2 colours, there are two set up fees as it’s done as two separate jobs.

Our clients don’t want to have to work all of this out for themselves so once you let us know what you’re thinking of doing, we’ll advise on the most cost effective way to deliver the best possible result and quote a price inclusive of set up(s) and branding so you understand exactly what the cost will be – no hidden extras!

We are in the process of loading indicative pricing with a one colour print for an average sized order for most products and hope you will find this useful.