Promotional travel products offer huge opportunities to increase your brand exposure as they will be seen wherever the user travels. Promotional luggage tags are more durable and attractive than the average disposable paper luggage tag, making people far more likely to use them.  Once your tag is on the travellers luggage, it will not only be seen by the user as they move around the airport or back and forth from the hotel, but also by all the people they encounter along the way. The more people who have your luggage tags, the more places your company logo will be seen. International Travel Adaptors with multiple pin configuration and USB ports make a welcome travel gift as they remove the need to carry different adaptors for different countries. Eye masks printed with your logo and company details create an inexpensive, fun and useful promotional opportunity and the trusty neck pillow is still a popular item. Please click here if you are looking for travel toothbrushes 
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