Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts to reward and recognise your customers and team members. Surprise and delight your customers with a 'thank you for your business' gift and improve team morale and loyalty with a gift of recognition for a job well done. Corporate gift ideas for the home include glassware printed or engraved with your logo and laser engraved wooden cheese boards and serving boards. The possibilities are endless so talk to us about your business and we'll come up with something unique for you. We are currently embroidering top quality towels for a bathroom renovator to give as a thank you gift to his clients and recently had salt and pepper grinders engraved for a kitchen maker. Give a gift in a cooler bag printed or embroidered with your logo - the bag will be kept and reused long after the contents have been consumed. It will be used again and again at parties, picnics and barbequesand ensure that your brand gets maximum exposure. Browse our stationery and technology pages for ideas for office gifts - premium pens,  notebooks, USB flash drives, and power banks are the most popular items. Find useful gadgets on the tools and gadgets page - check out the multi tools and inexpensive screen cleaners.

The IRD ruling that corporate gifts of food and wine are only 50% tax deductible means that  more companies are looking for gifts which may take a little longer to organise but ensure that their brand remains in the customer's mind a lot longer.

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