Promotional Pens

Promotional pens are far and away our most popular promotional product. Used by just about everyone, everyday, they're sure to keep your company name top of mind. Customers trust brands they recognise and pens are an inexpensive way to inrease your brand exposure. Minimum order quantities for promotional pens are from as low as 250 units for plastic and 100 units for metal. To make it a bit easier to navigate the range, it's separated into categories. Plastic pens starting from 60c ea + gst for 1000 units; aluminium and brass metal pens from $1 ea + gst for 500 units; novelty pens; premium metal pens which can be supplied with gift boxes. Stylus pens are becoming increasingly popular as more people learn just how convenient they are for using with phones, tablets etc. Your clients will make sure to hang on to a pen with a stylus as it is so much more useful than a standard pen. Make your promotional pen the one everyone wants to keep by choosing one with a stylus for use on tablets and phones. New Zealand's most popular stylus pens are the Vistro (plastic) priced from around $1.05 ea + gst for minimum order quantity of 250 and the Panama (aluminium) priced from just over $2 ea + gst for minimum order quantity of 100 units. Price reduces as volumes increase. There are several novelty styles available including banner pens (also called flag pens), multi message pens, car pens, , mop top pens, highlighter pens, syringe pens and more. If you'd like some help to select the pen that's right for you, please contact us 

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