Wireless Chargers

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Wireless Chargers - some of the reasons why you should unlock your phone’s full potential and join the wide world of wireless charging:
  • Remove the need to hunt down cords and cables every time you need a charge
  • One charger can deliver power to many of your favorite devices including phones, headsets and more. Before you know it, your wireless charger will become an integrated part of your daily routine
  • Say goodbye to battery anxiety and prolong your phone’s battery life with quick "power snacks" throughout the day. Whether you have a minute or an hour, just place your phone on a wireless charger to keep your battery in that optimal 50-80% power zone
  • Just drop and go. It’s that simple - forget about fumbling with cords and adaptors when you need some power - wireless chargers are as intuitive to use as they are easy to set up
  • Reduce wear and tear on smartphone sockets by removing the need to insert cables
Please note it may be necessary to remove phone from some cases to optimise the wireless charging connection Wireless Chargers are very affordable and minimum order quantities start from as low as 50 units.
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