Sticky Notes

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Sticky Notes were invented in the early 1980s and became the product no one thought they needed until they did! Pre dating computers and mobile phones, they are extremely useful and never need recharging.   Sticky Notes have 101 uses including
  • use as a bookmark
  • painters tape in small corners and around switch plates
  • use the sticky side to clean between keys on keyboard.
  • cover the glow of an alarm clock so it doesn’t keep you up at night.
  • cover the web cam on your laptop for privacy
  • jot down notes in books you can’t write in.
  • stick notes on the door as a reminder before you leave the house
Available in simple single size packs, novelty shapes and notebooks with different size sticky notes and flags in a range of colours. Print with your logo and company details and increase your brand exposure. Minimum order quantity from 50 units for the larger sizes and 100 units for the small packs. Lead time is approx one week + transit from art approval.
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