Novelty Pens

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Novelty Pens - print with your company logo and details and increase your brand exposure. Intrigue your customers and use to promote your brand in an innovative way. Mop top stylus pens are lots of fun. The microfibre 'hair' makes the perfect  screen cleaner - ideal gift for teens to techies. Banner or Flag pens have a huge print area - at least 6cm x 17cm. Ideal for printing large amounts of information and pictures of products, places etc. Floating pens don't actually float! They contain liquid with a floating scene or product - an innovative way to promote your business. Multi message pens are perfect for those who have a lot to say. 6 different messages which rotate every time you click the pen. A great opportunity to deliver multiple messages to your customers. Syringe pens and Doctor Mop Top make ideal gifts for the medical profession. A real talking point at conferences and events.

Custom Novelty Pens are made to your specifications. Lead times are therefore longer - details on each product page.

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